Minister Pearl Mc Master

Minister Pearl Mc Master Discography Born and raised in the gem of the Antilles, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Pearl Aldene Mc Master by her 15th birthday had given her heart to the Lord and baptized. Since then, she has been profoundly involved in Ministry. Minister Pearl is a prolific minister of the word and Psalmist. Today, being obedient to her calling, she is both an ordained minister of the Word and Music/Worship Director at her local church. Minister Mc Master is fuelled by a passion to fulfill God’s mandate for these turbulent times. Her thrust on character building by merging spirituality with everyday living provokes people to pursue a life of integrity. Minister Pearl works extensively with youths and women, she exhorts and encourages them to deepen their intimacy with God and arise to their divine calling and destiny. Spiritually, academically, and professionally she has excelled. God has truly blessed her and she in turn is a conduit for God’s blessings to others. She persuades all to see meaning in her personal mantra “Life is an echo what you send out comes back.” What you see is what you will get and what you hear is who she is.

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